Data driven organization


Datum: 8. 12.  2022 

Location: partner manufacturing company


  • The essence of SFM (Shopfloor Management)
  • Breakdown of company goals down to the lowest level
  • How to set the KPIs of individual departments correctly
  • How to create an effectively working Obeya
  • What Daily management boards should contain
  • Escalation problem management system
  • Root cause search tools
  • Participation in shopfloor management meetings from the handover of the shift to Top management
  • SW options / examples of digital SFM

Suitable for:

  • manufacturing companies interested in implementing new solutions and gaining new competitive advantages
  • manufacturing companies planning to digitize production
  • company executive - open to opportunities
  • production technologist - interested in process innovation
  • production manager, dispatcher / production planner - he wants to streamline existing processes
  • process manager, quality manager
  • WCM / Lean Coordinators

Academy of Digital Transformation 

8 practical workshops
Workshops are held in manufacturing companies
Optimization project focused on digitization
Project mentoring
Academy graduation certificate
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