How to avoid machine breakdowns?

September 6, 2021

We are implementing Autonomous maintenance...

How to do it?

The aim of the training is to teach employees to maintain the needs of machinery in a trouble-free state, which is not possible without autonomous maintenance.

Let us remind what is the goal of autonomous maintenance and what is the involvement of employees in autonomous maintenance.

Autonomous maintenance is an operator's activity aimed at restoring and maintaining the normal (original) condition of the equipment. Autonomous maintenance also improves your knowledge and ability to take care of entrusted machines and operate them flawlessly.

Involvement consists in adhering to a standard that we commonly call "human habit", simply put - DO. And it consists of simple tasks, usually lasting a few minutes. What does this "DO" habit in autonomous maintenance mean for employees?

CHECK. This includes the operator's obligation to check the current status of the equipment, ie. Involve the senses - especially sight, hearing and see if it shows any defects (anomalies). Then you report it to a management of maintenance Employees have checklists available.

CLEANING. Pay attention to anomalies such as leaks of liquids, loose screws, suspicious sounds, etc. The inspection may reveal a possible defect in the device (anomaly), which may stop it (failure, downtime), in the worst case cause damage to the device and the product.

LUBRICATE. According to the maintenance instructions, also participate in its lubrication (manual), or replenishment of lubricants and oils or fluids.

ELIMINATE. Elimination of sources of dirt, leaks, minor defects, etc. When the screw, hose, cover, etc. are loose, tighten them or contact maintenance. When liquids, dust or lubricants contaminate sensors, products, etc., suggest covering them or solutions to reduce or eliminate this contamination.

ACTRespond. Ignoring anomalies (faults), constant use of excuses such as I have no time, there are no people and money,… leads nowhere. If we go to machines that are alive, passive and do not respond to their maintenance, they will stop working for us, ie producing products for customers.

Gabriela Kopřivová

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