Release the hands of your key employees

September 6, 2021

Are you struggling with the capabilities of your key people?

Small and medium-sized companies in particular are "dependent" on individuals. They do they work very well, they move the company forward, they hold people together and their word has a lot of weight. On the other hand, they are are very busy and overloaded. They do overtimes and giving them a responsibility to lead some new project / is often not realistic.

If there is somebody to whom the company should help, it is these people.

The ideal state of the distribution of work responsibilities according to the Covey matrix is 25 - 65 - 10 - 0%. How to at least approach this ideal? How to create conditions for our key people so that they really bring the company the maximum of what they can and can do?

The basis of everything is to find out the current state. Do a working day screening with an external view. Write down minute by minute all the activities. Take note of operations, routines, interruptions, process settings and come up with ideas on how to change this state.

The outputs are very valuable data, from which you can at first point of view evaluate how reality differs from your ideas, your expectations. It can already be built on this basis. Take direct actions, leading to the goal, to the vision of the company.

Gabriela Kopřivová

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