Consulting speeds up, streamlines and saves 

You can rest assured

that with us, you’ll find the right answer to everything that you need to achieve your goals. Thanks to time-tested Lean methods, your company can advance much further. 

We naturally engage

as many people as possible in the change process. It is great and also practical when people in the company truly understand the changes. That’s the only way that they can truly embrace and advocate for them.

We’ll help you

define your company vision and successfully implement and sustain changes. We design tailored use of Lean methods to suit each company’s specific needs.

Sustaining changes

requires concerted efforts from all participants. We’ll support you for the entire duration of your efforts – until you are satisfied with the result. 
We’ll support you until you reach your goal and even afterwards – because when you succeed, we’re satisfied.

Our references

Mgr. Ota Horák

CEO, SpoluWorks Perfecta, s.r.o.

We choose Effectivity to help us optimize our production. We have 2 reasons for that:

1. We have an expensive experience that there is a huge difference between consultants who have always been only consultants from their professional lives and between consultants who, on the contrary, have experience from practical production and everyday combat with common operational problems. everyone in the Effectivity team has this experience.

2. The second argument for cooperation for us was that they also have the right personal competencies for the work of a consultant. The people from Effectivity managed my colleagues, from whom I have a problem to get any word, so that these colleagues themselves could actively participate in the debate and not only that but also at the end of the SMED workshop to present selected solutions to all other participants. The result of our two-day efforts was a 72% reduction in the specific set-up time on the multifunction machine tool. Which from our point of view is an incredible result.

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Ing. David Sivčák

Head of Industrial Engineering and Logistics, Member of the Board of Directors,

Due to the long-term efforts to make our processes more efficient in Tatra, we decided to cooperate with Effectivity. We not only wanted to map current processes, but above all we wanted to teach the whole team to design new processes. I was pleasantly surprised by the professional knowledge within the 1st block, which was focused on the analysis of the current state. In Block 2, where the aim was to reduce waste and design a new process, the professional approach of Ms. Kopřivová's team was even more visible. However, the biggest added value was the "awareness" and subsequent enthusiasm of the workshop participants - they WANT TO MOVE THEMSELF. I am proud of my team and I am happy to work with Effectivity, which has a very professional and proactive approach. Together we were really effective…

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Txema Rincón, MBA

Plant manager, Erreka Plast, s.r.o

After several years of leading transformation projects in multinational companies, Gabriela and her Effectivity team can easily be recognized as the best partners in our Lean transformation. I would like to emphasize their great customer orientation, long-term vision and communication skills during our cooperation. Effectiveness enhances the skills of team members by providing theoretical training, enriched by practice and offering coaching to our future leaders. I have no doubt that they are and will be one of the best consultants in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

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