Drawing subsidies

We administer training for our clients from the POVEZ 2 grant program

WHAT POVEZ 2 offers

85% coverage of external costs. You pay only 15% of the course price, you get a refund of participants' salaries. Within 3 years, the company can draw up to EUR 200,000 on the training of its employees in the "de minimis" regime.

Participants can be: 

current employees, potential employees, natural persons self - employed, part - time employees

Supported regions:

Středočeský, Jihočeský, Jihomoravský, Olomoucký, Zlínský, Pardubický, Moravskoslezký, Karlovarský, Královéhradecký, Liberecký, Ústecký

Start of education: 

within 6 months of the approval of the application

POVEZ 2 grant program

This option is especially popular with companies that want or are already going the way to increase productivity and efficiency of processes.

The subsidy provides an opportunity to pass on a large amount of knowledge and skills to a key group of employees. We rely on showing the theory on real and practical examples from the company's environment, and therefore all educational activities are practically focused.

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