Lean training

Lean training helps you effectively implement methods

We teach through inspiration

Knowledge isn’t the same as understanding. Understanding business processes and upcoming changes correctly is critically important for practical application. You can work better when you know what is influenced and how and why. Our Lean courses focus on that type of understanding. In simple and comprehensible ways we will show you all the linkages and aspects and how they interact and fit together.

Theory is not enough

Pure theory from books or lectures without any opportunity to experience the knowledge, or respond with immediate feelings, would not bring results. Seeing everything in reality facilitates development of a detailed perception and thorough understanding with the aim of easily transferring them to the parent company. 

Games for a practical reason

Our Lean courses are complemented by games for a practical reason. Games help you remember the learning. They help you better describe the difference between the original state and the new state, express the benefits, define costs and calculate the returns and savings.

Practical parts in real shopfloor

We usually hold courses in our affiliated companies. In the practical section of the courses, you have a chance to see the results of Lean methods in daily operations and their direct implementation in real processes. We teach through inspiration.

Why training from us?

Free consultation
Experienced lecturers
Practical training tailored to the needs and environment of the company
Choose from a large number of trainings that can be combined
Preparatory day for harmonizing notes
Possibility of drawing subsidies

Possibility of drawing subsidies for our clients

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