development and transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises


EDIH-DIGIMAT is one of the 5 European centers for digital innovation in the Czech Republic, which serves the development and transformation of mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the Czech economy and its success at the pan-European level. 

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is the main coordinator of the European challenge of the Digital Europe Program for the Czech Republic and participates in the financing of these centers from the National Recovery Plan. In addition to Czech candidates, applicants from Austria, Estonia, Ireland, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Romania, Croatia, Finland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Cyprus, France, Malta, Slovenia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden also participated in the call. This network of more than 300 European digital innovation centers covers all European Union regions.  

Our role

We are a proud partner of the EDIH-DIGIMAT project, which focuses on the use of artificial intelligence, digital transformation and automation of the manufacturing sector. In addition to us, the EDIH-DIGIMAT consortium also includes Intemac Solutions, s.r.o., which is the project leader, Brno University of Technology and JIC.


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